Thank you for even considering us! - Since your event is not a catered event and is retail driven - where guests pay our truck directly -

we have what is known in food truck circles as a Minimum Guarantee.  Don't know what that means?  That's OK!

Let us 'splain! 

Here is how a Minimum Guarantee works for food trucks:

Say you want a food truck, or several food trucks to come out to your event and you are expecting 350 people. If a food truck is asking for, say, a $700 minimum and your guests spend $900, then you've met your guarantee and the truck has met it's sales minimum for the day. If the truck sells $650 worth of food, however, then you would be responsible for making up the $50 difference.  Make sense?

Minimum Guarantees are important because they protect the food trucks from losing money on events - which can be considerable. Between fuel, propane, labor, insurance, commissary time, food costs, and travel time - the second a food truck leaves it's commissary it's already spent plenty of hard earned money to be at your event. It's actually a good sign when a truck asks for a Minimum Guarantee because they tend to be more experienced.

Some honest assessment on your end will help determine if you can meet a truck's Minimum Guarantee:

   •  How many people do you expect at your event (Last year you had 550 attendees or there are 800 students at your school)?

      The recommended booking is for at least 60-100 people to eat at each truck.  Though optimism is great, guessing or "dreaming" high doesn't really help anyone.  

   •  Will there be free food available?

      If there are free food options available, such as a free chili, hamburgers, free drinks, etc., that will negatively affect the sales for the food trucks.

      Let the trucks know.  Most trucks will probably not book that event.  If I took my family to an event and free food was available... I would eat it and save my money.        Yes, even amazing wood fired pizza!

   •  How many guests will probably eat on site, and have money for that reason?

      Are guests well informed about the food trucks that are coming (Marketing Marketing Marketing)? 

      Are guests allowed to bring picnics? 

      Is the event organizer recommending pot luck foods to share?

It is a great idea to book the ideal number of trucks serving cuisine that your guests will love, like tacos, wood fired pizza, ice cream, etc.

Guests will share how awesome the event was, and you will be a hero!  The following year, stats in hand, you will book the best trucks with ease.

So consider the Minimum Guarantee to be the safest way to go, for the success of your event and the awesome food trucks participating in it.  Which leads us to:


   25-125 GUESTS EXPECTED TO ATTEND = $950.00

    126-250 GUESTS EXPECTED TO ATTEND = $1050.00

​    251-1000+ GUESTS EXPECTED TO ATTEND = $1200.00



      One food truck for every 200-300 attendees - Attendees pay for food directly with the food truck - cash • card • 1st born

     • Great article on this very topic can be found here!   -




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