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Let Colorado Pizza Company handle your event with amazing perfection.

While we are not providing our usual table buffets at this time, we are providing order-off-the-truck 

and take out. 


Our Black-Raspberry Dessert Pizza

with Fresh Mascarpone Cheese • Drizzled with White Chocolate.  YUM!

    $18/PERSON  up to 100 guests

Think about it... Your guests have been traveling all day and would definitely appreciate a casual, fun, let their hair down dinner without the formal, sit-down menu that creates more stress for the Bride and Groom - and their folks!


We serve All-You-Can-Eat with the pizzas YOU love... and your friends and family can relax and enjoy the night before your big day.  Enjoy your night under the stars.


• Includes The Margherita, The Caprese, and from our menu the Bride's Choice, the Groom's Choice, and the Bridal Party's Choice Pizza.  


We serve All-You-Can-Eat for 1.5 to 2 hours. We kick 'em out fast and hot! Order from the truck style.

And yes...

              this GROOM is being VERY careful!!  

       Cherishing his Fiancé

             with her favorite Margharita Pizza

  $22/PERSON   up to 175 Guests



• Set-up - We fire our oven with oak on-site, prep our food, and decorate our buffet tables for 1.5 hours prior to serving


• Endless Buffet of Wood Fired Pizza - Includes The Margherita, The Caprese, and from our menu the Bride's Choice, the Groom's Choice, and the Bridal Party's Choice Pizza. 

We also have an array of appetizers and salads, as well as dessert pizzas 


We serve All-You-Can-Eat for 1.5 to 2 hours. We kick 'em out fast, hot and extremely tasty! Order from the truck style.


• We Provide - Disposable plates, napkins and plastic flatware.  No dishes for you!  We clean up for 1/2 hour after service.


• Our Mission - As you search for your caterer, and consider Colorado Pizza Company, please know we strive to provide you and your guests with servants-      hearts, awesome tasting pizza, at a fair, competitive price.  While our Wedding Package is priced higher than some of our other services, it takes much more in terms of preparation, focus and execution to assure your wonderful day is perfect. 


$15/PERSON   up to 250 Guests


Your employees are important! - All your staff's hard work, dedication and growth deserves a party! 

Why not party with what they love?

Be the COOL Boss!

We serve All-You-Can-Eat wood fired pizza - fresh ingredients prepared on site in our rolling prep kitchen, and baked in our 900 degree wood fire oven at your location - your business, or whatever venue you arrange.  Let us do the work, while you watch your staff smile!

At 900º, and each pizza baking in 90 seconds or less, we can feed up to 300 guests in about 2 hours. Yes, we do more than one at a time!

We serve All-You-Can-Eat for 1.5 to 2 hours. We kick 'em out fast and hot! Order from the truck style.

Our Amazing Bacon Wrapped Dates

  $15/PERSON   30-200 Guests



• Set-up - We fire our oven with oak on-site and prep our food for 1.5 hours prior to serving


• Endless Wood Fired Pizza - Includes The Margherita, The Caprese, and then three more choices of pizza from our planning menu. 

We serve All-You-Can-Eat for 1.5 to 2 hours. We kick 'em out fast and hot! Order off the truck style. 


• We Provide - Disposable plates, napkins and plastic flatware.  No dishes for you!  We clean up for 1/2 hour after service.


Food Minimums and Guarantees


Thank you for even considering us! - Since your event is not a catered event and is retail driven - where guests pay our truck directly - 

we have what is known in food truck circles as a Minimum Guarantee.  Don't know what that means?  That's OK!

Let us 'splain!  


Here is how a Minimum Guarantee works for food trucks:

Say you want a food truck, or several food trucks to come out to your event and you are expecting 350 people. If a food truck is asking for, say, a $700 minimum and your guests spend $900 in net sales, then you've met your guarantee and the truck has met it's sales minimum for the day. If the truck sells $650 worth of food, however, then you would be responsible for making up the $50 difference.  Make sense?

Minimum Guarantees are important because they protect the food trucks from losing money on events - which can be considerable. Between fuel, propane, labor, insurance, commissary time, food costs, and travel time - the second a food truck leaves it's commissary it's already spent plenty of hard earned money to be at your event. It's actually a good sign when a truck asks for a Minimum Guarantee because they tend to be more experienced.

Some honest assessment on your end will help determine if you can meet a truck's Minimum Guarantee:

•  How many people do you expect at your event (Last year you had 550 attendees or there are 800 students at your school)? 


The recommended booking is for at least 60-100 people to eat at each truck.  Though optimism is great, guessing or "dreaming" high doesn't really help anyone.  

•  Will there be free food available? 


If there are free food options available, such as a free chili, hamburgers, free drinks, etc., that will negatively affect the sales for the food trucks. 


Let the trucks know.  Most trucks may not book that event.  If I took my family to an event and free food was available... I would eat it and save my money. 


•  How many guests will probably eat on site, and have money for that reason?


Are guests well informed about the food trucks that are coming (Marketing Marketing Marketing)?  


Are guests allowed to bring picnics?  


Is the event organizer recommending pot luck foods to share?

It is a great idea to book the ideal number of trucks serving cuisine that your guests will love, like tacos, wood fired pizza, ice cream, etc. 

Guests will share how awesome the event was, and you will be a hero!  The following year, stats in hand, you will book the best trucks with ease.


So consider the Minimum Guarantee to be the safest way to go, for the success of your event and the awesome food trucks participating in it.

• Travel, Set-up Fee, Gratuities, Deposit, Sales tax, Minimum Food - Your contract will include:


Mileage fee - $1.50/mile round trip beyond 10 miles from Parker, Colorado.


Mountain Driving is on a case by case basis.  Our trailer is 3000lbs, and our prep truck isn't really a "mountain truck", especially in colder weather. 

We 'mostly' steer clear of mountain events.  


Set-up fee - $225.00 for wood, fuel and electric.


20% Gratuity - We are family run and each gratuity goes directly to our hard-working staff after the event.  Thank you in advance.  They appreciate you!!


A Non-refundable deposit in the amount of $500 and signed agreement is needed to hold your date.  Balance due no less than 10 days prior to event.


Sales tax for your location will be added to all events.


A minimum food cost of $650 weekdays and $900 on weekends applies to each contract.


•  Our Heroes -  


Although we offer free Cheese pizzas to our awesome Police, Fire, Veterans and Active Military guests at retail locations, 

we are not able to extend the offer for catered events.  Thank you so much for your service!  The Scott Family


At Colorado Pizza Company, in our catering work and food truck, we take food safety and make it the number one priority.  We use a commercial kitchen for all food preps and pre-baking, washing of our dishes, cleaning of our truck, and storing of our foods.  You will find that even our truck has an air of transparency, in that our guests can see right in through our well lit "fishbowl" windows. (please don't tap the glass... It scares the fish!) 


 We also incorporate: 


 • Frequent hand washing 

 • Gloved hands to handle food in the truck

 • A clean and professional appearance 

 • Surface sanitation in our truck and on buffets 

 • Temperature checks on an hourly basis of our refrigerated prep table in the truck, 38 degrees or less

 • We dont keep any "raw" ingredients in our truck such as eggs, poultry, fish or meats.  Everything is pre-cooked 

 • And finally, we use common sense!  






Yep... It's pizza.  There is gluten involved in most aspects of what we serve.  While we do offer 'gluten-free' options from time to time, we cannot be 100% gluten free.  It simply isn't possible.  (flour floats in the air!)  If you are celiac or have an allergy to flours, wheats, tomatoes, etc... Please do not eat our food!  

Our gf pizzas come out amazing, but are made on the same peels and on the same prep table as our normal pizzas.  As always, it is your choice, but we don't recommend consuming our food if you have a medical allergy.  Disclaimer: we can do gluten free, but only as a dietary taste preference.  If you know you will be our food truck guest on any given day, call ahead to request that we bring along gluten free crusts.